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Located at Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School, our School Holiday Program provides individuals with disabilities a chance to partake in recreational and social activities. This program is dedicated to assisting participants in achieving their personal goals related to community involvement and social engagement. Our services focus on promoting social inclusion, skill development, and empowerment, with a strong emphasis on safety and tailored support for each individual.

Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School has been offering high-quality social and recreational programs for children aged 6 to 18 since 2001. Our School Holiday Program runs during all school term holidays, amounting to a total of five weeks of service provision annually as an accredited and fully registered NDIS Service Provider.


The target group for our School Holiday Program is school-aged children with disabilities.


Key features of the YRSDS Holiday Program include:

  • Operating solely during school holiday periods

  • Approximately 40 participants attending daily

  • Small group settings with 2 or 3 participants per staff member, with 1:1 support available based on staffing resources

  • Operating on weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm

  • Running for approximately five days during Autumn, Winter, and Spring school holidays

  • Running for approximately 10 days during the Summer school holiday period

  • No operations on public holidays or days of declared CATASTROPHIC or EXTREME FIRE DANGER.


Parents or caregivers are responsible for dropping off and picking up participants from the OSH Program. Our staff aim to support and encourage active participation in both centre-based and community-based activities. We provide ongoing feedback to parents and caregivers on the participant's engagement, enjoyment, and progress toward individual goals in verbal form, with daily documentation available upon request.

Specialist support staff deliver engaging centre-based activities, allowing participants to make choices, develop skills, and have input into their recreational activities. Community-based activities promote the development of social and recreational skills in everyday situations, fostering independence and friendships in a safe environment. We actively support participants in addressing or advancing towards their personal goals.

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