Family Surveys & Feedback

The following surveys can be completed by parents, care givers or participants at any time.

Your feedback is important to us and helps us to ensure our programs are meeting your individual needs. If you have any further feedback, please get in touch today. 


Staff Survey

The opinions of staff are important to establish how they feel about working in the OSH program and to help identify any problems being experienced by them. Also feedback from staff regarding the programs offered to participants will help with future planning.

All staff members are encouraged to complete this survey about various aspects of the program.
Your responses to this survey are entirely anonymous and your privacy is respected. The results will be available to all staff, together with any actions taken as a result of the responses received.


Staff Culture & Language Survey

Workers with bilingual/bicultural skills bring many benefits to an organisation as a direct consequence of their language skills and cultural knowledge.

They aid communication and facilitate cross-cultural understanding, help break down barriers and engender trust and make people feel welcome.

The following voluntary survey is designed to assist us to get the most out of our bilingual/bicultural workforce.

This information may be used for the basis of developing a language/skills cultural knowledge register.


“This is the ONLY consistent, long running program that my son still attends after 10 years. It is truly a one off and I feel very privileged that my son attends. It is tailored to fit my son’s needs and wants